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When I was little I have always watched people wearing costumes in the streets or in the mall and I wondered how does it feel to be in that costume? How does it feel to go to strangers and give them flyiers while being a giant tedy bear or a bee? I was around the age of fiftheen and I was at the mall with some classmates waiting in our seats near a little stage for our friend to come and sing. And then a girl, I believe, come to us wearing a big penguin mascot costume. She didn’t have any flyiers and I think she was there just for the show. She was waving her penguin hand at us and come to give us hugs. It was all so cute. And I wanted to do that too.

Where can you find a mascot costume?

So when I had the chance to wear a mascot costume I searched in all the city for the good one but couldn’t find anything. So I went online because I thought there must be something good. I browsed through a lot of websites in search for the perfect costume to wear and I finally found the best place from where I could get one. Shopmascot is the place where you can find any mascot costume you want.

tiger mascot costume from shopmascot

From animal to cartoon, Halloween, ocean creatures and more. What I needed was a tiger mascot costume for my cousin’s birthday. He loves tigers so much! And I found just the perfect one on shopmascot. There are of course other animals such as fox, owl, lion, rabbit and even dragon! So if you are looking for something of high quality and with a good price you know where to go.

Have you ever wore a mascot costume? If yes tell me your experience!

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