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A Lovable And Charming Villian

It does not matter if it is a big or a small screen, but most of the time, movie protagonists get all the attention – their lifestyle, character, and wardrobe are usually more interesting and developed than their eternal enemies. From time to time, however, a villain emerges who is powerful enough to counter the appearance of a hero. Sometimes it is so good to be bad and we all like to watch movies with villains, don’t we?

Have you seen Maleficent 2 yet? Angelina Jolie plays the fairy godmother Maleficent, and we were overwhelmed by her face and dark temperament. Other popular bad guys like Loki, Darth Vader, Lord Voldemort, always had a specific style of dress that made them recognizable.

For example, think about Joker. He may have a twisted sense of humor, but this guy’s sense of style is far from a clown. In theory, a green vest over a blue patterned shirt with striped trousers and a purple jacket should not be combined in any case. But in his case, that mix really does the right thing. The Joker’s secret, which carries such a mismatched mix so well, lies in the fact that everything fits him perfectly with his cut.

All these characters have in common two things – being evil, unique and wearing black clothes, long coats, vests and dark makeup over their pale faces (except for Darth Vader for obvious reasons). Most of them found their inspiration in the Gothic style of dressing, and they do it quite well. Gothic, as an epoch, appeared in Europe in the 15th century and brought with it an unprecedented and astonishing style, both in architecture and fashion, as well as in other fields of art.

Some people might think that this kind of clothes is welcome only during masquerade or Halloween, but great lovers and fashion watchers consider Gothic to be one of the most developed and famous fashion styles ever.

Because of its uniqueness, darkness and gloom, but at the same time magnificence and elegance, this style was initially considered derogatory because many did not really understand it. Especially it was unaccepted after the lavish, rich and colorful period that preceded it. Unfortunately, or rather say, fortunately, we can not be villains in real life, but that does not mean we can not dress like one. Where did the inspiration for this way of dressing start?

History of Gothic outfit

In the 1970s, the Gothic style was revived. This style of dress, also called neo-Gothic, is typical of a young subculture. Modern gothic clothing has its distinctive features. The main of these – the dominance of black clothing, hairstyles, and makeup, metal jewelry with religious and mythical themes. The Gothic style of dress is thought to have been the inspiration for costume designers because of vampires, as vampires have always been described as evil, being white-faced, and mostly dressed in long black coats.

Nonetheless, today the villain cannot be imagined without a black suit or long black coat, with a wicked smile and this is one new style that has emerged under the influence of the Gothic.

Dark gothic

Some clothing brands that feature dark styles, for example, created by Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, and Boris Bidjan Saberi, will give you a perfect opportunity to feel and look like one of the bad guys from the movies. Gothic style can be best described through pale complexion, black hair, dark makeup, black clothing dominated by silk, lace, and leather, as well as minimal silver jewelry with religious or occult motifs. Such, specific and different, is often a subject of study and is given much attention. Long, oversized, with fitted cuts, this is the perfect gothic outfit in which you will not go unnoticed.

The basic menswear part in gothic apparel was an unblemished shirt type. The main upper part of the garment was a semi-circular mantle that covered the shoulders, and its decoration was done in contrasting colors. Women’s clothing was basically not much different than men’s clothing. Long pants and dresses were also worn, complete with coats and big hats.

Workers and peasants wore scarce clothes and went barefoot. The richer ones wore shoes with heels, for women, or very pointed tops for men. In every aspect, they tried to be stylish and simple. And these creators took their inspiration from the roots of dark gothic. The novelty of the gothic clothing was the women’s corset, which served to highlight the figure and was worn mainly with long skirts, paired with gloves, hats, umbrellas, etc.

Over time, the Gothic style changed; at first, it seemed “stiff” but sophisticated. Later, a tighter fabric began to be used and variations in colors and details emerged. The effect was achieved with leather gloves or lace details, jewelry was poorly worn and it was mostly silver chains that displayed certain symbols. In addition, dark, black hair, simply raised or released, was most appropriate. It was popular to have a pale complexion, with dark makeup, lipstick, and eyeliner as a contrast.

One of our favorite Gothic style dress creators is Boris Bidjan Saberi. Through his collections and creations, he revives and modernizes dark Gothic in a way that suits the time we live in. Modern shapes and details, simplicity and elegance are his signatures. Modern gothic clothes for women are clothes that emphasize the dignity of the figure. The main elements of the dress in the Gothic style: solid corset, the long skirt of transparent fabric, lined dress with a deep neckline, underlined waist. And long velvet or lace gloves, metal or silver in the form of crosses, snakes, bats and other elements on the subject of death. Taffeta, organza, velvet, brocade, silk, leather, vinyl – these are the fabrics traditionally used to create Gothic dresses.

Gothic style, precisely because it is the most different from the rest, is still a favorite and worn today. Not only punks and rockers, but others like to dress simple, elegant and black. Today, however, all styles are used and combined, the best is taken from each of them,

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