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Hello darlings! Hope you are good and full of energy. Today we are going to talk about something lets say interesting. I don’t know about you but my girlfriends have been doing really well! Most of them are getting married and I can’t seem to understand how. I recently saw another one of my friends posting on social media that she got married two days ago. How insane is that! So it got me thinking….What if I do a little research wedding dresses? Just like that, for my knowledge. And I found some beautiful dresses on AW wedding dresses.

Looking at the beautiful dresses I started to wonder what type of dress I would like to wear on my wedding day. Do I want a simple one, a one decorated with flowers, a dress with some small details…There were so many I couldn’t decide which one I liked more. Then it came to my mind that most wedding dresses are white but do I want one that is white or a different color? There are a lots of things that you have to consider when buying a wedding dress. And to stop thinking about this I started looking at some AW bridesmaid dresses.

Those dresses are absolutely stunning! They came in so many colors and you can even filter them so well by choosing what type of silhouette you want, hemline, neckline and even back details! No to mention the price that is accessible. I’m curious about what kind of dress my friends would like to wear. Scrolling down through dresses and going back and forth between bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses I came across this gorgeous AW Jessie wedding dress. I had the feeling that this kind of dress is what I want for my wedding. And who knows, maybe it will be.

What about you ladies? Tell me what you for your magical wedding.

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