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Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a great a week. Now that weekend is here I have great news for you! Newchic is celebrating their 7th anniversary with sales that starts from 23rd August and lasts through 6th September. With this being said lets dig a little in their clothes and see what they have to offer us.

You know by now that I am obsessed with cats. I have one cat and I love her very much and because of this i can’t stop buying clothes which are cat related. Newchic has Cute cat t shirts in every single color especially my favorite one pink! How can you not buy this one as soon as you see it? Cats, pink and my favorite thing to do which is drinking coffee all of them in one single t shirt? Just take my money now!

cute cat t shirt

The Newchic 7th anniversary sale 2021 comes with a variety of clothes that you can buy such as some cute cardigans. If you were looking for some brand new cardigans to add to your collection I can assure you that you will find something for your taste. A Long knitted cardigan is what I like and because Halloween isn’t that far away I think I will buy myself something to go with the theme. There are also some cute and elegant cardigans. Maybe you can buy one for your best friend or maybe think of a new outfit that you can wear on your date.

long knitted cardigan

I don’t know about the weather in your country but summer is almost over here. Sooner or later I will need to transit from the summer clothes to something warmer. And what is best then Womens striped sweater? I like sweaters because they are fluffy and warm and you can still look chic wearing it. I also like sweaters because of the color combination and the easy way to wear it with almost anything. When you want to look casual I think you can’t go wrong with a striped sweater.

striped sweater

I always try to find new types of clothes to add to my wardrobe. Sometimes I find some interesting pieces that stay in my closet for years but sometimes they just come and go. Looking for interesting things on Newchic I found something I forget long ago that I like and that is an Off the shoulder sweater. There was a time in my life when I would always wear an off the shoulder sweater wherever I was going. I could wear it in an elegant way, a casual one or whatever I was thinking. Now writing about it i really want a new one and start wearing them again.

What do you think about these clothes? Do you like them? What is your style and what will you buy with the special occasion of Newchic 7th anniversary? Of course I will take the pink t shirt with cats and coffee and I was thinking about the blue off the shoulder sweater that I showed you. Tell me your opinion about these two pieces.

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