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Hello ladies! How was your week? I honestly spent some time working on personal stuff, relaxing and searching for gifts. There are eleven more days until Christmas! I can’t believe it and I am still not prepared with the gifts and everything. On this note what are you buying for your friends and loved ones? I have run out of ideas and I could really use some inspiration from you. But don’t forget about yourself girl! Buy something for you too don’t wait for somebody else to do it.

Will you attend parties this year? You should go and have fun! Fun and all but what am I gonna wear? Because I can’t wear the same thing to all the places I am going to go. I want to wear different dresses but to be honest with you I gained some weight and not all the dresses I want to wear will fit me very well. So the first thing I am going to gift myself this year for Christmas it’s a Full Body Shaper to help me feel good in everything I will wear. I saw those online for sale and many people were satisfied with the product so I will give it a try and see what will happen.

I love to eat and you already know that. I love to try new things wherever I go and this year I don’t want to make any exceptions. But like I said I gained some weight and I really want to keep this under control. After the new year party I really want to try and get back into shape but because I am a little bit lazy a will cheat with my waist trainer wholesale. This thing helped me in the past with getting better results from workouts so it will definitely help me again this time.

What are your plans for holidays this year? Let me know!

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