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Long evening dresses UK

I was at Diana’s house trying to get ready for the ball. We had two more hours to get everything done. From make-up to hair style and finally to the dress. We did the first two rather quickly but now it was time for the hardest part. Choosing a dress.
‘Go look into the wardrobe and see if you can find something for your taste.’ she said with a smile.
I opened the doors only to see many dresses with different colors and shapes.
‘Where did you get all of these long evening dresses uk from?’ I asked her still looking in the wardrobe.
She was looking at my astonished face and laughed.
‘I have my own secrets.’ she told me and then winked.
I quickly changed my clothes and slipped into one of her dresses, a white one, and looked into the mirror.

‘Diana this dress is amazing!” I told her enthusiastically.
She giggled.
‘I told you that I have everything you need for the ball.’

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